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PM Al-Maliki: Christians are our brothers and partners in Ir
Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki has vowed to ensure that Iraqi Chr
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Historic end to Iraq sanctions after unanimous vote by UN Se
Iraq has moved one step closer towards regaining its standing in
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The Islamic Dawa Party is one of the oldest existing political parties in Iraq. From its formation in 1957 until today, the Party has continuously strived to spread the peaceful message of Islam based on liberty, equality and justice. Today, the Party is actively participating in the development of the political process in Iraq. With hundreds of offices across the country, the Dawa Party continues to be present amongst the masses, supporting the Iraqi people in their battle against forces of terrorism and corruption.

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Imam Muhammad Bagir Al Sadr
Mohammad Baqer Al-Sadr (1...  
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PM :Nouri Al-Maliki
Nouri Mohammed Hassan Al-...  
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Iraqi Constitution Action Centre
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